A Very Brief Camping Adventure

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Daroga state park pictures + back of Pin's head, Rasha, Eli & Lindsey.

went camping Friday afternoon to Daroga state park with 15 coworkers. funded entirely on my corporate card, I might add. the park is almost 3 hours away and the drive was a complete bitch. however, the park was gorgeous and we paid to have it all to ourselves. mostly lo key until around 3 am when some crazy hidden sprinkler system went off a few feet from my tent and absolutely soaked me. and I'm talking industrial strength sprinkler here...It more or less flattened my tent. in my half awake rage, I tried to turn off/destroy the sprinkler, but instead proceeded to rip my tent off the ground to move it away ( destroying the tent for the most part ) much to my co-worker's amusement. Then I went and slept in my car.
Beautiful place, though. and gorgeous weather. I think the best part, however, the the drive up and back with my co-worker Pin- nothing but 80's new wave cds and a stop at SONIC - which we don't have in Seattle.


Black Nyx said...

I see what you mean...;) YUM.