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the Setlist:

Paper Bag
A & E
Cologne Cerrone Houdini
You Never Know
Satin Chic
Eat Yourself
Little Bird
Number 1
Ooh La La
Caravan Girl
Monster Love
Some People
Strict Machine

it was a great show, nowhere near the Supernature show, a tad heavy on tracks from the new album for my taste, which is all rather slow-ish...but, the band was amazing and Alison was perfection. the pace was a slow crawl until one of the 5 faster songs kicked in and the crowd went nuts. Had a marvelous time with breeb, markus, Brian, tommy and marjorie. Great venue, too. huge, nice and cool and clean. the bar across the street, Hooverville? was fun for pre-funking.

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Consuelo said...

I think we went to that bar too before the show!

madhouse 6 said...

i'm jealous.

dragon chic said...

i knew that you were going to see her live! so glad that you had fun!

i peeped her latest cd @ everyday, when i was looking for an elvis costello's greatest hits!

this was a night to remember! cool pics!

thanks for sharing dood!


christy x

Anonymous said...

wow! really? was i there??? i just remember that clown suit...