Things I Did On My Non-Vacation

Posted by Timo |

1 - keyno
2 - Cheryl
3 - Jazz

day one:
- dropped tanq and my car off at steve's
- sat in the seatac airport for 5 hours, chatted with a hot Marine
- was squished in a window seat on the longest plane ever
- picked up by my sister at 6am
- slept on a couch for 8 hours straight
- drove down to Iowa. dinner with parents
- slept for 12 hours straight in my dungeon bedroom
day two
- Chinese buffet Lunch with Mark's mom
- used DVD shopping, comic shops, etc
- steak dinner with parents
- out with the mason city folk. very fun
- brother's family drove up from hampton
- drove back to mpls/st paul
- keyno wakes me up 7 times during the night
day 3
- CD shopped at cheapo and lunched with Karie at independent
- back to sister's house where karie did laundry
- we watched "hot fuzz". loved it!
- trip down stairs, hit head on wall. left dent on wall
day 4
- started watching battlestar galactica season 3
- bought "cloverfield" and watched extras
- watched original "Poseidon adventure"
- picked Luke up from school
- ate too much
day 5
- jazz the cat tries to attack a skunk. stinky
- watched more "battlestar" & "planet terror". Loved.
- talked to Andre on the phone for 4 hours
- made some sort of "pot lasagna". 'twas good.
- keyno again woke me up barking at the wind.
day 6
- stood up for lunch by olaf at Thai place. cute waiters
- more "battlestar" plus "star wars ep 2" & "nightmare before Christmas"
- went to bed at like 9 with keyno in my room and he never barked
day 7
- actual lunch with olaf at figlio's. w as nice to catch up
- watched "30 days of night"
- mason city gays were up and came over for cocktails. til 4 am
day 8
- parents drove up and we went to my niece's Jesus play
- more grilled steak for dinner
- out with my Minneapolis gays and karie.
- did not drink anything besides diet coke and water.
- hit jetset and the 90's for an old time drag show
- drove home sober at 3 am. a nice time, of course.
day 9
- parents drop me off at the airport at noon
- aisle seat, much better flight
- steve picks me up and TanQ is happy to see me
- the end


strangerelationship said...


- mmmm marines.
- cheapo? what.. no time for the fetus? much better shop - you must know that!
- hot fuzz is fuckin' awesome!
- the independant has a great happy hour, and my current crush-waiter.
- pot lasagna? sounds interesting... tell me more.
- did your niece write a jesus play?
- no time for drinks with kyle = sad.

unrelated: are you familer with the band babble?

Timo said...

- I exchanged #'s with the marine and we have been texting. :P
- I did actually stop at fetus on thursday. I used to love them, but I guess I am more into cheapo's giant used selection...
- which waiter at the independant?
- pot lasagna? everything you would put in lasagna, but spiral noodles instead of lasagna noodles. and made on the stove in a pot.
- my niece played a senator in the jesus play but she did not write it. she's 11.
- drinks with kyle = next time, of course

unrelated: are you familer with the band babble? I am not