I'M Hung Up

Posted by Timo |

...a lot of stuff going on. a lot of randomage to explain here, but it's a mess. it'll be much easier to explain after the fact, so...CHEERS! Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

also, TanQ is fine. 10 days of anti-biotics and she'll be peachy. and, she's a slut. our vet is a very handsome young gentleman and she didn't make a single noise as he manhandled her and then carted her off for shots. when he handed her to me she resisted, like she wanted to go home with him instead. I can't blame her: I did, too.


Anonymous said...

i'm such a bad sistah...it's been all about me! i can get some veneers for your daughter.

FreNeTic said...

Great news - funny how much stress is solved by antibiotics....