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my computer was blessed with a rogue bogus anti-spyware program called awola a few days ago. It's a bitch and a half to get rid of. manual removal is suggested and so far it has eaten up about 9 hours of my life...and I still have it!

at the moment, I am moving 68 gigs of music files onto an external harddrive so the removal program doesn't take 4 hours to scan that music folder again. it's been moving for an hour and it says there's another 240 minutes to go, YAY.

sure, I'm typing this on the laptop Andre gave me but I hate laptops. I hate this little screen and the retarded little pad for a mouse. someday I'll grow up and just have a cute little laptop and everything on external drives and I won't have the computer and giant monitor and keyboard on my breakfast bar and I will sit and eat breakfast there instead.
but for now, I'll just bitch about awola and type on this little keyboard and listen to tanQ! squeek at me because she hates the [ artist deleted in shame ] cd that I have been playing late at night because I am secretly an old woman.

that is all.