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1 - I left work at 4 today. since then I have eaten two granola bars and a banana. I have listened to the SUndays, William Orbit and Lisa Stansfield. Lisa was annoying me so I put in Erasure's trippy 1995 self titled album. which reminds me of my ex, Nick. that is neither good nor bad.
2 - (THIS IS GROSS )I have had some sort of infected toe for the last 2 months. it started as an ingrown toenail and Yes, I have been to the doctor twice. there's no nail causing problems per se, but the skin hasn't shrunk back to normal so I have to cut the nail away from the skin and ouch. lots of blood, but at least there's no more puss. it get sbetter for a few days and then it's bad again. it's ok today, i semi-stubbed it on the washing amchine and I didn't scream in pain as I have recently. mark calls it Resident Evil Toe.
3 - heading to MN on thursday night and then driving down to Mason city for the weekend. My sister and her husband are flying off to the bahamas in their pal's private jet, so I get to hang out and be an "adult presence" for her 4 teenage sons that will be lingering about. I did this a couple years ago and it's a much better time than it sounds. they have a huge house ( 8000 sq feet ) out in the middle of no where ( ok, just south of st paul and on the mississippi river ) and a HUGE tv and 2 cool dogs and an awesome cat. and a bird of somesort. Hoping to see old friends and new. haven't seen Olaf in years, so that needs to happen. Gonna spend some quality time at cheapo records on lake street and possibly take my niece and her pals shopping around calhoun square.
4 - I have to sneak some old family pics from my parents house as I am plotting to have a book made of them for their upcoming 40th anniversary. My office mate had one made out of pics from her recent trip to mexico. Hardbound, glossy and reletivley inexpensive. gorgeous.
5 - My dad turned 69 on saturday. I realize that he's still young but I worry about my parents all the time because I'm so far away from them. I have mentioned that several times here, I know.
6 - Let me just say that I hate prudential life insurance. I've been trying to get something fixed since last August. idiots.
7 - Mark is cat sitting in west seattle and TanQ is glad he's gone. she's rolling around on the rugs and laying in random places around the living room. I'm not sure if she's staying here with him when I'm gone or staying at casa swenty. she'll be furious if I leave her here with him alone for 10 days. that's a lot of cat puke mark will have to clean up.
8 - my name for Mark is Francine. as in Francine fishpaw from "Polyester". he hates it, probably because he thinks we are accusing him of looking like Divine's charachter and that is not the case. even if he is a little 'house-wifey". Of course, Marjorie was already taken by the other Mark.
9 - I'm off with Bree to have wine with Fwankie.


Bree said...

i don't think we had even a drop of wine.

oh. us.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

More importantly, when you get back, it will be closer to my birthday.

Manthony said...

Re Item Two:

Tea tree oil might help it heal faster. Naturally fights bacteria/fungus/alien invaders and such. Plus, it's inexpensive and widely available. Few drops a day if you care to try it out. And if it doesn't work, at least you have something to bitch about, right?

9W said...

we should have a drink or dinner if you have time.

Marko said...

Francine is growing on me actually, lol!