4 Minutes To Madge

Posted by Timo |

I'm actually suprised that I love the new madge/justin song. Yup, I'm a huge bitch and I hate everything 9 according to UM ) and also I can't stand hip hop, so I was expecting a big smelly piece of crap. Suprise! I love it. Timbaland should be completely removed but otherwise yay. I did expect some stellarness freom the remixes but of the 4 ( tracy young, Bob Sinclair, junkie xl and peter rauhofer ), Only Peter's stands out, which is not a suprise.

and here's the video. I love the whole "Angel of death/harbinger of doom" thing she's bringing. it reminds me of a 1985 Dc Comic series called "crisis on infinte earths" where this black wall of anti-matter stuff ate up entire worlds and all the people on them.


Michelle Auer said...

I would still have his babies.