Madge Hard Candy

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I will admit to being very vocal about my utter disdain for the concept of Madonna working with such generic commoners as timbaland and pharrel. Generic. she has never been generic. leaked tracks did not alter that disdain. I was embarrassed and was not looking forward to the finished products. then 4 minutes came and I was surprised. Yes, timbaland should shut the fuck up, but justin wasn't too annoying and the beats were great.
The rest of the album is mostly quite good. "miles away" would have fit right in on confessions, American life or music. and it's an incredible song ( the lyrics are clearly about me and my Canadian ). a few tracks ( like 2nd single "give it to me" ) really need a good club mix.
"The beat goes on" is vastly different and improved from the leak version. even Kanye's ridiculous rap towards the end doesn't kill it.

there are some pretty embarrassing lyrics here and there ("see my bootie get down like that"), but who am I to deny Madge the right to channel her inner Hootchie Mama?

best tracks: 4 minutes, give it to me, heartbeat, miles away, she's not me, beat goes on, the devil wouldn't recognize you.

should never have been recorded : candy shop, dance 2night, incredible, Spanish lesson

it's less of a madonna record than a timbaland, timberlake, pharrel record. but it has it's moments: 7 of them.

I hope it beats the shit out of mariah scary in the charts anyway. but it probably won't, because Americans have terrible taste in music.


Carlos P said...

this album was cringe-worthy at best. she took everything that made me gay and smashed it into the ground

strangerelationship said...

so apparently wendy (of wendy & lisa) plays guitar on the disk.

that makes me happy.
and to that other comment - geeze.. madonna does not define us as gay men. god i hate that.

for the record - madonna has always been r&b. always. this is not that much of a departure for her.