YAY FOR LISTS: Bubbling Under

Posted by Timo |

3 - Robyn Self titled - this is so far down on the list because it's a re-issue. it's 2 years old with a couple of new tracks. Sadly, I didn't hear any of it until september when I first heard "handle me" and "konichiwa bitches". WOW. how far she's come since her little US hit in 1997. She has a song with the knife and this entire album is electronic deliciousness. great videos and a slew of remixes, too.
stand outs are "crash and burn girl", "robot boy", "with every heartbeat" and the 2 above.

2 -under the blacklite - rilo kiley. you know I hate indi-rock, right? Consuelo introduced me to this album against my better judgement and I actually love it. Jenny Lewis has a marvellous smokey voice and there are some great pop songs here.
"dreamworld", "silver lining", "dejalo" and "smoke detector" are favorites. they were also phenomenal live.

1 - Hourglass by Dave Gahan. I haven't had this one long, thus the low placement. the depeche mode frontman's sophomore effort is a lovely, dark electronic piece of gorgeousness. possibly my favorite male singer of all time (take that, Morrissey!), there's little Dave could do that i don't like. Well, trying to overdose on drugs aside. favorites are "endless", "deeper & deeper", "kingdom" and "saw something".