Hilarious Times

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Yesterday I went to a movie. I hadn't slept well the night before and had a couple bagels that morning. Suprise! My thyroid freaked out and my legs weren't working. I had to have a couple theater workers help me stand up and down the stairs. embarrassing. then it seemed like they were working enought to walk and I got the elevators and then fell down again, banging my head against the wall. People were staring, probably thinking I was drunk. a couple of gentlemen helped me stand up and then helped me walk back to work (2 blocks). They were very nice guys but I was so embarrassed. At Least I know there are still good people walking around Bellevue.
I fell again on the way back and ...embarassing. Got back to work and had Jody run to the store and get my drugs. I took a ton of potassium and within an hour or so I was walking again. Lame, frightening and annoying, I say. went to the doctor and there was much blood drawn, etc etc. no explanations, other than what I already know.
I have to laugh, though, otherwise I'd be a basket case.

this shouldn't still be happening. to be continued...


9W said...

oh my. i hope your ok. i can't even imagine.

Anonymous said...

that does it! i am getting you "life alert" (help i've fallen and i can't get up) for your birthday!

Gavin Elster said...

i thought this was all under control? Holy crap!

Pussy Dunkin Hines said...

Are you sure you're eating right Tim?