YAY FOR LISTS : Albums O' 2007

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#5 - it won't be soon before long - Maroon 5 - a band I would NEVER EVER EVER listen to until one day steve bought this at starbucks and slipped it in the car cd player. I was shocked to say the least. I love his whiney voice and this is the only kind of guitar pop I can stand: Dancey! odd then that The best track is the rather slow "I won't go home without you"

#4 - the light at the end of the world - Erasure
I'm giving this #4 based soley on the lead single "I could fall in love with you" which is easily one of erasure's finest moments. I was not really a fan of the rest of the album, sadly. Mizz Burns will disagree loudly. it's no "nightbird", it's not even an "erasure". so there.

3. X -Kylie
While no where near the quality of the many leaked tracks (including a couple produced by the likes of Mylo and the Scissor sisters), "X" contains some excellent kylie tracks like "wow", "in my arms" and the single "2 hearts". also, the b-side "king or queen" is a favorite.

2. Trip the light Fantastic - Sophie Ellis Bextor
Madamoiselle E. B returns with 3 fantastic singles and a slew of killer remixes. "catch you", "me & my imagination" and "today the sun's on us" are stellar, but it's the non-single "if i can't dance" that has recieved the most play in my car. Clap Clap.

1. Mantaray - Siouxsie
I have gushed about the return of Siouxsie to no end already. It took a few listens to get used to the new voice, but it eventually grabbed me. highpoints are "if it doesn't kill you", "heaven and alchemy" and "here comes that day".


9W said...

yay for #1

Anonymous said...

boy, there's a shocker! siouxsie at #1?? poor old thing. she kinda looks like dina martina on that album cover! Go Erasure!!!

Sincerely, MZ. Burns