First and Foremost : G.I.Joe !

Posted by Timo |

you may be surprised but I absolutely fucking LOVED it! Sure, the story was pretty messed up but the effects and the action was a blast - and somehow, even though they screwed up the accent and the history, Sienna Miller was awesome as the Baroness and easily the best part of the movie. there were a lot of non-sensical liberties { ok, actually there were some GIGANTIC stretches of the imagination } and a lot of the huge stuff was saved for the last few minutes - Obviously there will be a sequel. of course, it got terrible reviews just like the new transformers movie. all it is is an action movie so what do people expect? "I'd like some cathartic revelations and some Carl Jung-ian exposition along with my action films." Ok, don't hold your breathe for that. I Loved it. like LOVED it. really.