500 Pine PARTY

Posted by Timo |

there was a party a couple of weeks ago where they recreated the all the bars from infamous 500 block of Pine : they actually got stuff that sued to be in the bars and set them all up in a parking lot. Of course, we just hung out at manray. It was pretty cool although it was kinda sponsored through Havanna which is a ridiculouly lame bar here. They played nothing but awful butt rock until midnight when someone most of told the idiot that none of that shit would have ever been played on that block of mostly gay bars. in the pics [ by Doug! } you will find Me, tommy, jeffie and Bree. it was a good time and really fun to revisit those places.

and yes, I do look skinny. I've lost 20 pounds since july 4th. thanks for noticing.


FreNeTic said...

Cool idea, too bad about the music...

I miss you kids!