worked a lot
cat sat for the Grays
saw xmen origins: wolverine in the theater : Fun. did not need to be made.
cleaned and laundered
tried to spend quality time with Jeff
spent too much time at charlies
shopped for lawn chairs
shopped for dvd's
broke down and bought a 120g ipod because my zen bit the dust
did the mother's day thing at the swentys. we had kfc per pat's request.
watched Feast 2 & 3. the original is a classic. 2 is ridiculous. 3 is terrible.
that's really all i Can think of.

cheers. have a marvelous 3 day weekend and such.
I got nothing planned. Hopefully it will involve sun and Stoli.


scooooooot said...

an ipod? ya don't say. maybe NOW satch will be itunes friendly.