GIJOE Movie Oh Yeah & Uh-Oh

Posted by Timo |

SO, I am totally digging Sienna Miller as the Baroness after seeing the pics and trailers. I'm more than a little concerned about how Cobra Commander looks, even though he's being played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( who I really like ).
Oh well, I'm sure they will completely screw it up. and honestly, who could be ever be pleased with a movie that they have been waiting for since 1982? Srsly.


Anonymous said...

nothing beats the original cobra commander. complete with that eerie/gay/screechy/lispy voice from the cartoon. looks like they are going to screw with his look and persona, much like they did with dr. smith from the lost in space remake.

Anonymous said...

i have read both of the books that have come out before the movie and any G.I. JOE purist will not be happy..this is a completely different storyline. If you like the old stories, forget what you know and try to enjoy it for what it is.