Who Watches The Watchmen ? I Doooooo

Posted by Timo |

I'd heard a lot of mixed reviews of Watchmen in the week before I managed to see it. awesome or terrible were the only answers. there is a lot to pay attention to, a lot of dialogue and with 2 hours and 45 minutes of those two - it looses a huge chunk of film goers. I must say that the director clearly worships the subject matter , because the movie is often a shot by shot adaptation of the comic. there are a couple changes - one that makes the ending more coherent - but it's all very faithful and completely on target.

Don't believe all the negative hype - This movie is awesome. Yes, it's long, yes, you have to pay attention, yes, there's about 2 minutes of a faint blue cock, yes, some of the fighting is in slow motion, yes, it's pretty violent, yes, there's sex. yes,yes,yes. I will totally see it again in the theater and buy the dvd...Watchmen is the best movie I have seen in ages.


FreNeTic said...

Bummed about all the hating on this film, but you've reignited my enthusiasm...I'll have to check it at IMAX soon!

madhouse 6 said...

blech. hated it.

but maybe my soul is just dead.

Timo said...

Well, you also loved slumdog millionaire, which I don't even need to see to know it's terrible.

So there.

Crazy Eddie said...

Don't even get me started on Slumdog. I think it's amusing how Americans take a culture and just rape if forward and back. We have a history of doing that. Uggh...

I still haven't seen The Watchmen yet. That's right, that means I haven't even seen the BLUE PENIS blowing in the wind. LOL