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a lot of things are not going well. there's a ridiculous pile of crap I could bitch and whine and moan about. if you go back a few years on this blog you can see that I used to do exactly that, but I no longer see the point.

On the plus side, I have Jeff who never fails to put me in a better mood and help me put things in perspective. he is amazing and he completely overshadows the rest of that noise. Sadly, we work completely opposite schedules and our time together is short. So....not really a complaint but more of an FYI.

FYI - have I ever mentioned how much I loathe corporate speak? Just an FYI, what's on your plate? is that a "must do" or a "nice to do"? what are your challenges and opportunities? Honestly, I think more people should be stabbed in the head in the workplace.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is, really. I don't have a lot to say right now which is why I've just been posting pictures and random youtube videos.


Jeni Angel said...

When I first started working at your office it DROVE ME CRAZY that everyone always said "Do you have that on you radar?" "I'll put that on my radar"

I'm gonna shove your radar up your ass. Good luck finding it.

Marko said...

Life what a beautiful choice!

I am glad I work where it isnt so cooperate, it's so frustrating.

Crazy Eddie said...

Stay away from the drama. Nothing is ever as bad as your mind plays it out to be.

Stay strong Timo. Spend more time with Jeff and let shit roll off your shoulder.