George Michael - Key Arena July 2nd

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so, we saw George Michael lats Wednesday at key Arena. Now - I am a huge fan of George But i just wasn't even looking forward to it. too much going on at work, etc etc. So - Wednesday Night, we all met at Robert's for the pre-show. So, it's me, UM, Sarah, Tracy, Markie and Liz. Sarah decides to get a limo since It's my birthday. We get champagne for the limo and things start to look up. the ride to key arena was a blast and then we all get split up. mark and I get upgraded to better tickets ( a b-day gift from randy! ) and end up the the left of the stage and up a level with plenty of dancing room. the stage was a giant LCD screen and it was just cool. he played a great set with only a couple of unnecessary tracks and played everything I needed to hear ( spinning the wheel - remix, thank you! ). mark bought me the really cool tour program but they didn't have the WHAM! shirt in my size ( Darcy has it on in the 1st b-day pic ). Mike and kevin where there as well, although they had much better seats - photos by them. thx

a great show, one of the best I have seen. Thanks, George and thanks To Robert, randy & Sarah.


FreNeTic said...

I talked to the ex today...she and her pals were upgraded from nosebleed to row 5! I love me some GM, but this seems to be a recurring problem with him. Different venue, maybe?

I never gave you anything for your birthday:

...because I'm cheap!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that George's bed buddy Kenny was there as well. he was a really sweet guy. P.S. frenetic, LOVE the Morton Downey Jr. avatar!