Don't Go!

Posted by Timo |

Mike & Kevin were lucky enough to see a re-united Yaz in Ca this week. Bitches. and, while I do love yaz - it looks like it was just an Erasure show but featuring the woman Andy Bell wishes he could be. and I mean that in the most loving way possible. Look it up, mike!


Anonymous said...

actually, Erasure are much better in concert. Alison NEVER even came close to the audience (stayed about 20 feet back on a seperate stage) until the very last song when this picture was taken. don't get me wrong, the concert was great, but i'll take Andy over Alison any day as far as stage presence goes.

scooty said...

having not seen eraser(!), i must say Yaz put on a stellar performance in chicago. Alison was spot on and approached the audience on several occassions, not to mention danced with us for the last set of songs. it left me asking 'siouxsie who?'