these are Exciting times

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1 woke up around 5 am to feed TanQ
2 locked her out of my room and slept til 10:45
3 got up and cleaned up 2 separate pissed kitty pukes
4 tried to fix my itunes. 3 years of tunes vanished
5 drove south and stopped and mike and percy's
6 chatted with them and played with their animals
7 went down to steve's in Renton and to lunch
8 lunch at torrero's. Mexican pizza and beef burrito
9 some kind of surprise party next to us for an old gal
10 they gave her some kind of Godzilla stuffed thing
11 there were a lot of pissed off screaming babies
12 I have 10 diet pepsi-s thus far today
13 watched tv with steve. old shows like emergency!
14 also some strange gay themed short film on Logo
15 it was about bugs that were like a drug
16 the main character gets bit and then gang raped
17 and that was the end. unsettling and kinda lame
18 then I drove home and cleaned my kitchen
19 and listened to Sade, b-52's, babble and Bjork
20 gave myself a green mint julep facial mask thing
21 chatted with Kyle, Jaron and Jon online
22 Allegedly going to bacon strip this evening
23 with mark, breeb and Jody
24 it's 7:56, Bachelorette is playing on the stereo
25 TanQ is 3 feet away on the couch looking at traffic
26 and you are up to date
27 for now


that is all.


Anonymous said...

the movie is called bugcrush, it is a very odd/disturbing flick.

madhouse 6 said...

yay babble and me!

sounds like a nice random saturday - i love those.