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Kristine W is one of my all time favorite performers. She performed an awesome set sprinkled with new material and the crowd loved her. and NO, I did not get escorted away from her this time, thank you, Mizz Burns. It helps to be sober and melting away in the 90 degree air.

I've blabbed about Kristine many times here, so read up on her at wikipedia.

Kristine pics by UM...Brava, Heather, Brava.


Anonymous said...

did i say ANYTHING? of course you behaved yourself. i NEVER doubted you for a second. thank god she rescinded that restraining order!

Timo said...

BITCH, you and your cunt mouth are exactly the reason I didn't buy you Madonna tickets...

Anonymous said...

rude! btw, happy 40th bday!

madhouse 6 said...

a) she looks like a tranny. why?
b) i had no pride this year. the older i get the more i feel like i don't fit in. ugg. isn't it supposed to get easier?
c) there is no c. unless you wanna get me a madonna ticket? i need one.