Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D

Posted by Timo |

saw Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Chrsitmas" in 3D on wednesday night with Conbsuelo & her Hubby. I had heard the 3D effects didn't really add much ( thanks steve & andre) but I still really enjoyed it as I had never seen it on the big screen and it's one of my favorite movies. It's a limited engagement so check it out if you can.


Gavin Elster said...

Got to see it last year at the El Capitan Theater. They have sets, props and figures from the film. It was pretty cool to see the actual curly hill from the film.
The 3-d was good too. (unless you closed the wrong eye then you can see where they did a rather crappy digital cut and paste to create the 3-d effect. (sadly it is my job to look for these things and ... my job has made me jaded.) I saw it with my , now, ex b friend. Sigh... oh well.