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After Loving her music with Concrete Blonde since 1990, I finally got the chance to see Johnette Napolitano perform here at the high dive. A tiny, very intimate place just up the road from me. Frankie told me he had met her a few times before and maybe we woulf get to this time as well, and so we got there early and nabbed a table. Frankie had brought her a gift bag and had the security peeps take it back to her. She came running out a few minutes later and gave Frankie a big Hug & kiss. We all got to meet her and she was very funny and pretty. pretty, like ..she has a very glowing face, if that makes any sense.

anyway, she just stayed for a few minutes and then finally she came on stage. what this woman does with just an accoustic guitar and her powerful voice...wow. Amazing.
One of the finest voices of my lifetime. I mean, obviously, she's no britney...oh, wait - Barf! kidding.

she did amazing cover of coldplay's "the scientist", johnny cash's "ghost riders in the sky" and several amazing concrete blonde classics as well as my actual favorite Johnette track, "mexican moon".

if she's ever in your woods please check her out!

thanks to Fwankie for getting us to meet her and kym going with me.

Some Johnette and Concrete Blonde Favorites:
"Heal It Up" (1993)

"Caroline" (1990)

"Take Me Home" (2002)

"Mexican Moon" (Live)


~dre said...

....but since when do you listen to music with guitars?