Belated Best of 2011

Posted by Timo |

it was a pretty decent year for music. here's a quickie list (with audio/video ) of my favorites of 2011. All in no particular order except the first 1.

1. My absolute fave track of the year comes from Aussie's Garçon Garçon - Stay in touch. it's a Retro Little ditty of love and heartbreak. I'm not exactly sure why but it really resonates with me and I love his voice. I've literally played this a hundred times or more in my car.

Next is the always reliable Sophie Ellis Bextor - Starlight. The official video is awful so I'm posting a video someone made of a live performance set to one of the better remixes. the JRMX mix is best, however.

Ladytron put out a great album called "Gravity the seducer" last summer. It was a mellow and haunting affair and the first single "white elephant" had a really cool kind of 50's lounge music air to it. Here's the video. (Also one of the better concerts I saw in 2011.)

Erasure released an album produced by Frankmusik. It was very fun and modern but still very much erasure sounding. Here's my fave from "tomorrow's world", I lose myself. Saw them at the moore theater last fall. it was a great show and thanks to my friend Mike Burns, we got to meet them and get autographs, etc. it was cool.

Beth Ditto, singer for the Gossip, put out an ep with Simian mobile disco. all 4 songs are excellent. this was the single and video, "I wrote the book". the video is an obvious homage to Madonna's "justify my love".

One of my newer favorites, Hurts, release their awesome debut album in 2010 but released the video for "sunday" in early 2011. Yep, it's silly.

Old Cheezepop faves Aqua returned with a new album called "megalomania"and a somewhat updated sound. This is probably the best song and it has a nifty video. Lene clearly borrowed some leftover shoes from Lady gaga.

I didn't get onto the Deadmau5 bandwagon until very recently. I generally could give a shit about dj's and you know I like songs with WORDS but I follow him on twitter and he's kinda hilarious and I love his pussy, meowingtons. This song is great and best heard very loud with a lot of bass.

"yellow halo" is a nice slow burning atmospheric track from Goldfrapp's forthcoming singles album. I hate the video. It was filmed on an iphone. yippee. the song is lovely, though.

"le7els" by Aviici is a total Robert song that I generally would not be a fan of but the music is great, the vocals are by the legendary Etta James and the video is hysterical. I especially love the look on the asian ladie's face as she dances down the hallway towards the end.

Madonna's theme song to her movie "W.E" is one of the better things she's done in ages. The mid tempo ballad is far more respectable than most of the patehtic top 40 crunk wannabe shit she's cranked out in the last few years. (And if the "demo" I heard of her next single is any indication...barf.)

"take you higher"- Goodwill ft. Hook and Sling is another Robert discovery. Great music, unusual vocals, and a gorgeous video. it's probably just that hotter than shit guy, though.

I'm sure there's more but I can't recall off the top of my head. Oh, and allow me to mention that people like Lady Gaga and Adele did some great stuff in 2011, but I am so fucking sick of those two I doubt I ever want to hear them anytime soon. Especially Adele, great album? yes! Overplayed? Insanely. Short shelf life. perfect Suicide album. Just can't be that depressed all the time.