Best Albums of 2010

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kylie - aphrodite
Allow me to say this: the artists that I love, I expect a lot from. I do not tolerate my idols dropping random shit and calling is flawless.
with that said, Kylie's "comeback" single, "All The Lovers" is one of my favorite songs in years and easily one of her best. The music is completely incredible. I especially love the little crazy techno bee noise at 2:29 and the hot guys kissing at 2:51 in the video. LOVE it.

"Get Outta My Way" became a summer staple and theme song while stuck in idiot seattle traffic. This is my favorite mix along with a tasty extended video.

Robyn - body talk - part 1, 2 & 3
"Dancing on my own" was honestly a surprise. it was everything I loved about Robyn's previous venture but without the lame hip hop baggage that dragged a lot of it down. Here's an awesome live version from Letterman.

"Hang with me" - her second tremendous single with a really fun video. She is a fucking BLAST live, I must add. Like a spastic aerobics instructor.

"Indestructible" is probably my favorite songs from all the "body talk" albums, the video is not so fun, however. so, here's a really fun remix video by A-trak.

here's a pretty decent audience shot live version so you get the idea:

hurts - happiness
these handsome brits took a page from the depeche mode, new order, pet shop boys, omd, erasure, omd, etc, guidebook and put out a delicious and deceptively evil little album featuring a little help from some nobody named Kylie. the freemason's mix of this track is killer but I've posted it before.
"Wonderful life"

"Better than love" this is another driving to work favorite. give it until 1:20 and then turn it way up.

I posted this video recently, so here's a marvelous remix by D134

Bubbling Under:

goldfrapp - head first.
I wasn't sure what to think of this album. Goldfrapp are faves but the lame hippy folk bullshit of their last album put a very bad taste in my mouth so I wasn't expecting much. "Head first" had a very 80's radio feel that went stale really fast. "rocket" and "dreaming" are amoung their best, though. There were some really awesome mixes, too, by the likes of Dave Aude and the legendary Vince Clark - who gave it a proper ultra bouncy Erasure feel. The video for "alive" is a scream so I'm including it here.
Here's the Ralphi rosario remix video for the surprisingly Xanadu-esque retro "Rocket" . Duct tape, anyone?

"Alive" Dave Aude radio remix ( wait til 3:20)

scissor sisters - nightwork.
4 years in the making? it feels like a huge misstep to me. early 80's didn't really work for Goldfrapp, did it? a handful of great songs and a lot of filler. try again. I still love them , though. and remixes help. and I will say they all look delicious.
"Fire with fire" digital dog mix. Fierce remix. bland song.

"Any which way" 7th heaven remix edit

and here's the cookoo video for the best song on the album, "invisible light"

andy bell - non-stop. Again, I expect more from the people I love. Like his other solo album, there's a couple of really great tracks, including a fun duet with Perry Ferrel and one of his career best, the title track. To me, the rest is very much filler and why bother. Get your ass back to vince's studio, Andy. And yes, I would be equally harsh on neil Tennant, Mike.

"will you be there" the awesome seamus haji big love remix

"Non-stop" the album version is immaculate.

"call on me" - here's the delightfully twisted Vince Clark mix.

Mgmt - Congratulations. a few really cool songs, the rest is pretty much a very low key departure. Possibly a bit too mellow, but I didn't hate it like my friend Tommy.
"it's working" - holy shit! Guitars!

"Congratulations" So, I love this song even though I just realized that it kinda reminds me of the grateful dead which is NEVER a good thing.

this isn't definitive. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few decent albums.


Anonymous said...

disagree, non-stop was much better than his last album.