I Dreamt of a Wolf..uhhh, a Wolf?

Posted by Timo |

This is Joe Manganiello - he'll be gracing HBO screens everywhere starting this weekend on true blood season 3. He's playing a werewolf named Alcide. I don't know about you - but I buy him as a wererwolf far more than that funny looking teenager from twilight...not that I have seen either of the twilight movies ( seriously ). wait, I did read like 2 pages out of the first book one night at Jeni's.
Anyway, operative word here is WOOF.

BONUS : A-ha's video for "Cry Wolf" - one of their finest tracks


Jeni Angel said...

Dude. Seriously. Why you gotta drag me into this? For the record: that's not my fucking book! My neighbor left it at my house. Fuckface.