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you would think that I would have tons of stuff to blog about after taking such a long break from posting ( AND POSTING ENDLESS YOUTUBE VIDEOS. )

sadly that is not the case.

I can't Bitch about work [ although that would be a really lengthy bitchy post ] because some of those people read this.

I can't bitch about my love life - because, again, that person reads this.

I can't bitch about my sex life - because I'm a little embarrassed at how out of control I have been recently...ok, since last August.

Instead...here's a few new songs I am loving.

Kelis "acapella" ( Killer track and fab video )

Andy Bell "non stop" ( freakin' awesome )

Scissor Sisters "invisible light - stuart price mix "

Robyn "Fembot"


Anonymous said...

The whole Andy Bell album sounds great so far. HUGE in Europe right now.

Jeni Angel said...

This kind of offends me. You should have mentioned THIS as a con to working at your office.