I'm A Freak Bitch, Baby

Posted by Timo |

Other than her club mixes, I was on the fence about mizz gaga, but This bitch's last couple of videos ( not to mention that fucked up VMA's performance ) are crazy and hilarious and excellent. It's like a shitstorm of art damaged high fashion crossed with a fellini film set in an alien inspired bathhouse. She makes the videos drag queens would make if they had that kind of money. plus, she does her own crazy little burning bed tribute at the end and there's a fucking hairless cat in the video. and you know how I love those hairless pussy.

I'm still more into her thump thump mixes but I actually like this song.
the fact that she does this stuff and it gets played along side the shit in the top 40 is mind blowing. even the former hater Dre has come around.....


Marko said...

Awesome video!

Anonymous said...

Friggin' Fantastico!! Sorry to say this, but move over Madge, there is a NEW queen of pop!!!