GASP!!!! New Shit That I Love :

Posted by Timo |

You know I'm a purist. It takes ages for me to get into new music. I'm a music snob with a fine appreciation for cheese and I'm very dismissive. and I can admit these things.

La Roux "Bulletproof" - love the music, she's a lil' bit Robyn-ish.

Frankmusik "Confusion Girl" - I love him. the remixes are better but I like this video. (he did a nice remix for PSB on "love etc")

The Juan Maclean "One Day" - A little bit Human League - I love the music and the dual voices.

Hopefully, Some of these will be on August Satchel. So there.


madhouse 6 said...

i do like la roux.

right now i'm all robbie all the time. i need euro pop fluff. otherwise i cry.