spent the 1st 5 days at my sister's house in Inver grove heights.
the weather was bordering on ridiculous and nobody wanted to drive.
I watched a lot of movies. and ate. and slept. ran around one day shopping with mike. Finally got my pal Dave to drive me down to Iowa and we got to catch up.
hung out with my parents for a couple days. spent a couple evenings with Scott and Danny - drinking and listening to satchel and watching Barbarella. went out for bad Chinese with Mark's mom one day and helped her with her digital camera and a door for her new kitty, Sassy? on Christmas eve I watched the Andy Williams Christmas special with my Mom. slept a lot and ate a lot and spent too much time missing my boy.
back in Minneapolis on the 27Th for our family Christmas ( actually the 1st time we could get almost everyone together ). went record shopping with an old friend the next day. failed to meet up with Kyle and several others. Sad, but it's hard to fit veryone in when the family dominates. also, my sister's son had wrapped one of their cars around a telephone pole or something, so they were short a set of wheels for me. had a rough bumpy flight back to Seattle where I received the most amazing and squishy reunion of my life right there in the airport. spent some quality time catching up and then saw Dina Martina Tuesday night with Jeff, Jeni & Michael ( thanks, Jeni! ). my next trip home Will be shorter and more controlled. like I will rent a fucking car, ok? I cannot stand being at any one's mercy or having to rely on anyone, you know?


Snotty McSnotterson said...

I'm glad you had fun! My phone just got turned back on, so I got your photo message today--very cute bandaids. :) Holy, even.

We need to hang out SOON. It's been since forever. And I haven't even met your man yet!

Happy New Year! XO

madhouse 6 said...

ooh ooh ooh - you forgot, you didn't spend any time with me.

yea, that too.

Marko said...

Thnx for hangin with the Moms she said she had a great time, she is considering renaming the new cat and the it uses the kitty door now.

It does suck having to rely on others for transportation and whenever you go home for xmas the weather is always shitty.