Merry Mary

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Happy Holidays to you and yours - whatever it is you may celebrate.
I'm at my parents' house in Iowa and it's a balmy 7 degrees - watching TV with my dad - who is a huge sucker for schmaltzy weepy Christmas movies. the wool hat? Barf.
my brother Thom and his family will be here shortly for Christmas dinner.
I know I should feel all warm and fuzzy and family-like but instead I feel out of place and discombobulated. I don't like being away from my real home and life and friends for this long - and as an added torment, being away from Jeff - who I have seen almost every day for the last month - is really getting to me.
I'm back to Seattle Monday afternoon - I hope the mess of unwelcome snow and ice has cleared by then.

so, yeah - merry Christmas and all that.


Michelle Auer said...

A very Merry to you!!