I Got Nuthin Nuthin Nuthin

Posted by Timo |

not much to report. Kyle and Jack were in town and we went out a couple of times. Thursday night we went to a little place in the U district called "pies & Pies". and the pies where like little pot pies. and then you float the pies in soup. it was all very yummy. a cool little whole in the wall type place. also, really fab sweet potato fries. and then we went to the madison pub.
Friday I went over to Um's and we drank this absinthe stuff. it has a really strong black licorice smell and it's crazy green and it tastes like ass. 3 small drinks of that and goodnight!

saturday had a late lunch with bree and steve and amante, where they have the most amazing cheese bread. and all the other shit we ate. and cheap!

saturday night joined kyle and jack at the cuff and made fun of people. e specially the older guy that kept staring at me and then getting close and growling at me. that was cute. today, lunch with harriette and then nada. I cleaned out my kitchen pantry. vacuumed. changed bree's light bulbs, talked to Andre, did some texting, went to target for tp and white oreos and white cheddar cheese nips. and then here I am Typing this.

have a good week.